Hello and Welcome to Critter Pics.

Does a photoshoot for your pet seem a little indulgent?

Why, you treat them like family?  Why not have their photo on the wall just like the rest of the family?  We often take for granted the huge part that our pets take in our lives.


My goal is to capture the personality and uniqueness of your pet regardless of what type of pet you have. These are outdoor photos that capture all the things you love about your pet.  From "zoomies", to fetch, to belly rubs and a few nice portrait shots we aim to capture it all.  Sessions are meant to be a fun experience for you and your pet.

If you are looking for a unique image of your 4 legged fur baby then Critter Pics is for you.


So lace up your sneakers and lets have some fun creating some awesome images.

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Treat Tester

Marty 1.jpg
Marty Pearson