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It's all about capturing the moment...


Your photo session is custom designed to capture everything you love about your pet. Choose a studio session or from our list of outdoor locations and get ready to spend some time together having fun.

Your pet will get to spend some quality time with their favorite human. Expect to give a few treats, some belly rubs and spend some time in an experience you both will enjoy.  Don't worry if your pet is a little camera shy, we have tricks up our sleeve to help them out of their shell.  A Critter Pics photography sessions is fun and interactive - your job is simply to relax and enjoy spending time with your pet while we create some awesome images.

A week or so after the session I will send you a gallery to view. We will work together to create the perfect wall art collection, framed prints or folio displays.  


Does a photoshoot for your pet seem a little indulgent?

Why? You treat them like family?  Why not have their photo on the wall just like the rest of the family?  We often take for granted the huge part that our pets take in our lives.


My goal is to capture the personality and uniqueness of your pet regardless of what type of pet you have. These are photos that capture all the things you love about your pet.  From "zoomies", to fetch, to belly rubs and a few nice portrait shots we aim to capture it all.  Sessions are meant to be a fun experience for you and your pet.

If you are looking for a unique image of your 4 legged fur baby then Critter Pics is for you.


Let's get you booked and start creating some

awesome images.

Marty Pearson - Photographer
Beanie - Treat Tester

What Clients Say


I'm blown away, thank you so much for everything"

"my dogs love her!"

"never thought you would get a photo of him, these are absolutely stunning"

"She is definitely a dog whisperer."

"Marty is Amazing!"

I  just opened up my book, and I am crying happy tears, litterally"

"She passed away a few days after our session, I am so glad I have these photos"

"highly reccomend!"

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Tails of the Treasure Coast Book Series 

Author of 3 Coffee Table Books used as fundraisers for local pet charities.

Internationally Published Photographer

One of 65 photographers from 14 countries featured in the first ever Tails of the World book, a collective fundraising coffee table book from some of the world's leading pet photographers. United in a "mission to make a difference to animals in need."

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